Back in Blighty

I know some of you missed seeing my knarley old veiny cock slip-sliding into some English tart. I'll not be disappointing you dreamers this week! I'm back in Blighty with the lovely Crystal Coxxx and buried up to the 7" mark. This is exactly the thick leggy slut I love to spin on my knob, especially in front of my wife Lara who's handling the camera. Fucking another bird in front of your spouse gives you that extra get up and go. Definitely worth a few extra squirts when I cum. Well, I'm an old yard dog, what can I say. Some men work in a factory, some in a shop, I work in between the legs of beautiful women. And I work hard. lol Jim Slip
  • 2016-06-18 09:13:14
  • "Ruff"
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