Kitchen Kutie

I just got out of bed and was ready to make my morning dose of tea. I love roleplaying and dressing up in sexy outfits fantasizing about that moment. It was early in the morning and I didn't quite know what I was gonna make for breakfast so I started to brew some hot tea just as the sun was coming up... I like to start my day off early sometimes :) I had on this cute lil waitress uniform and couldn't wait for Kevin to wake up to see me in the kitchen ready to wait on him hand and foot!.. He woke up to the fresh smelling brew and walked into the kitchen with a big smile :)... I turned around and said "Can I take your order" Coffee..... Tea... or.... Me... baby? of course he didn't hesitate when he said ME! LOL.... It's always nice to play with a morning woody just upon rising out of bed. I started to pour him some Coffee as I turned away from the stove I could see his cock just lifting up in his boxers...I had my really high Clear fuck me heels on that made me look so tall that I think they were turning him on as well. I started to undress very slowly taking off my uniform and going straight for the sausage ... heheheheh.... I started sucking on his cock making him wetter and harder with my lips. I loved feeling his dick jam down my throat as I sucked on him harder and deeper and stroking him at the same time. He was definately getting ready to expload... It ended with a nice morning cum shot that got all over my hand , arm, Leg & Floor... I licked up what was left cumming out of his cock, It was a nice creamy breakfast that for sure. Luv Lori xoxo
  • 2016-03-22 07:39:41
  • "Ruff"
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